Contact Information

Peer Tutoring Coordinator
LouAnn Oppitz
Phone: 651-450-3693
Location: Library, Room 244


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Tips for Successful Tutoring Sessions

In order to get the maximum benefit from Peer Tutoring, please keep in mind these important tips:

Attend class

Tutoring cannot replace attending class. It is only a service to help you fully benefit from the instruction provided in class. 

Be on time for your tutoring session

Call 651-450-3693 if you are going to be late. Unless you let the Peer Tutoring Coordinator know you will be late, the tutor will only wait 15 minutes beyond your scheduled meeting time. 

Keep appointments

Call, e-mail, or leave a note on the office bulletin board if you are unable to make the scheduled time.  If you miss two sessions without calling or cancel repeatedly, your tutor sessions will be canceled.

Arrive prepared

Read your textbook, do the homework that you understand, mark the items you do not understand, write down any questions you have for the tutor, and bring your class notes and syllabus to tutoring sessions. This will help the tutor understand what is happening in your class and how to help you.

Tell your tutor when your next quiz or test is scheduled

 You can then concentrate on those topics so you are better prepared for the quiz or test.  Tutors cannot help you with a take-home quiz or test.

Remember what tutors can and can't do for you

Tutors are provided to help you benefit as much as possible from the classroom instruction by helping you overcome things you may not have understood in class. Your tutor cannot replace your instructor. Tutors cannot help you with a take-home quiz or test.

Get a tutor before you get behind in your coursework

It is much easier to help you when you first start having problems. If you get too far behind, you may not be able to catch up. If you are thinking about dropping a course, notify your tutor or speak with the Peer Tutoring Coordinator. They may still be able to help you.

Expect to do your own work

Working with a tutor is not a guarantee for a higher grade. Tutoring is designed to help you improve your study skills. A peer tutor can only help you help yourself. Tutoring is not a replacement for your own motivation to learn. Making use of tutoring services does not guarantee an “A” in the class.