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Tom McCluney
Phone: 651-450-3528
Location: HH-103

Security & Transportation


The college is deeply committed to ensuring the personal safety and well-being of the entire college community. Additionally, we strive to prevent the loss and/or destruction of personal and college properties. The college maintains a full-time director of security to help accomplish this objective and also provides an escort service for students.

Awareness of security-related issues can considerably reduce crimes against persons and/or property. Campus crimes and emergencies should be reported immediately to the Director of Security or the Learning Center receptionist (evenings).

The college publishes an Campus Security Report a PDF document each year. The report is distributed to all prospective students and employees. All current students, faculty and staff are notified through college publications (Student and Staff Bulletins, Class Schedules, Insider Newsletter) of the Internet address of this report. Printed copies of the report can be obtained at the Dean of Students Office in the College Center. Prospective students and employees are notified of the availability of this report, and the fact that the college will provide a hard copy upon request. The full report is also available in the college library. The Campus Security Report contains information relative to campus safety and security as prescribed by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

Pursuant to the Act, the Director of Safety and Security monitors criminal activity and publishes a three-year statistical history of select crimes or incidents that occur. The statistics are gathered from the following specific geographic areas: 1) Campus; 2) Public property adjacent to campus; and 3) Non-campus college property.

Security escort service

Students can request a security escort by contacting the receptionist in the Learning Center, located on the second floor of the Library building. Call 651-450-3650 or dial 0 from a campus phone. A security escort can accompany you in the evenings to parking lots and from building to building on campus. This service is available only during class contact times. (There is no service when classes are not scheduled and during term breaks).

Transportation and Parking

MetroTransit Bus Service

MetroTransit bus routes and schedules for Inver Hills Community College:

You can also find MetroTransit bus and METRO Green Line schedules at the Welcome Center in the College Center.

If you ride a bike, MetroTransit has solutions that let you take advantage of bus and train travel opportunities. Visit Bicycle to learn more.

For more information about bus and train service in the metro area, visit MetroTransit or call 612-373-3333.

MetroTransit Passes

MetroTransit offers transit passes through employers, schools and organizations. Passes provide faster boarding, seamless transfers and balance protection; passes are valid for unlimited rides on bus and METRO lines.

College Pass

Inver Hills is a participating college in College Pass, a cost-savvy, climate-aware way to travel for school, work or fun for $175 or less per semester. As an Inver Hills student, you are eligible for unlimited rides on buses and trains for an entire semester. You can pick up your pass at the College Bookstore located on the lower level of the College Center.


When companies and organizations are enrolled in MetroPass, you to get unlimited access to all regional buses and trains for $76 per month—even less if your company or organization offers pre-tax benefits or subsidizes your pass.

MetroPass participating companies and organizations

For more information about MetroPass, visit Passes.

MetroTransit Carpool

Ridematching with MetroTransit is smart in so many ways:

MetroTransit Transit Link
Transit Link

Formerly known as Dial-A-Ride, Transit Link is a curb-to-curb minibus or van service for the general public that operates weekdays throughout the seven-county metro area. As a shared-ride service, Transit Link must be reserved in advance. You may reserve a ride up to five days in advance, or call at least two hours in advance for same-day trips. Rides are subject to availability; fares are based on the distance traveled. The base fare for a one-way trip up to 10 miles is $2.25.

For more information about curb-to-curb minibus or van service, visit Transit Link.

Parking and Parking Fees

Parking is available on campus for students, staff members and visitors. You do not need a special permit. You may park in any parking space not marked as reserved. Well-defined parking regulations are enforced by the Inver Grove Heights Police Department. Reserved parking is available in the Liberal Arts and Fine Arts lots. Individuals with State of Minnesota Parking Certificates may park in either the College Center or Fine Arts lots.

Parking fees are included as part of your tuition/fees assessment per credit. Staff members also pay a parking fee. Parking fees may be waived by completing a Parking User Fee Exemption Request form available from the Business Office. To qualify for the exemption, the student or staff member must:

  • Reside at the Granite Bluffs apartments
  • Reside in an area neighborhood and don't drive to campus
  • Participate in a car pool
  • Ride the bus to campus

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Basic Driver Awareness and Education