Contact Information

Veteran Services Coordinator
Sue Flannigan
Phone: 651-450-3862
Location: CC214

Veterans Benefits for New & Transfer Students


Prospective students

In order to qualify for veterans benefits, you will need to apply for Regular Admission to the college. Inver Hills waives the college's standard $20 application fee for all veteran and military students.

Please note that students applying under Limited Enrollment status will not be eligible for veterans benefits.

Applying for admission

Veteran or military students & dependents using VA benefits

 Apply online at

  • Indicate your military service in your application.
  • Submit to the registrar transcripts from all prior college experiences, as well as your military transcripts. For more information on obtaining your military transcripts, please visit the Veteran Services Office on the second level of the College Center.
  • Take the college assessment test. Inver Hills Testing Center hours are listed online here.
  • Apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at When you complete the FAFSA, a spot for you will be held in your selected classes, and you may be eligible for grants, loans and work-study.

Applying for veterans benefits

  • Apply for educational benefits online at The application takes at least 20 minutes, and you should be prepared for the system to ask you to upload digital copies of your DD-214, NOBE or kicker if requested. 
  • Apply for tuition assistance through your Education Service Center, or inquire within.
  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling 651-450-3508. Please identify yourself as a veteran, service member or dependent using veterans benefits.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Veteran Services Office by calling 651-450-3862. For more information, visit us online at
  • Submit the VA benefit request form (received from a counselor) to the Veteran Services Office for the processing of your benefit. You must do this every semester.
  • Upon receipt of your COE from the VA, please bring a copy to the Veteran Services Office. This is for Post-9/11 recipients only.

Transfer information

Apply online at

If you are pursuing the same program, you may change your place of training without restriction, provided your progress and conduct are satisfactory, and the transfer can be made without substantial loss of credit. Please make this change through VONAPP.

Application must be made through Regular Admission (see steps above) and you must be accepted to Inver Hills. Official transcripts of all college work must be sent to Inver Hills for an evaluation of transfer courses.

Submit a “Change of Place in Training” request for educational benefits online at, form 22-1995.  The process takes at least 10 Minutes. Additional questions should be directed to the Veteran Services Coordinator, Sue Flannigan, at

For information on continuing benefits once you become a student at Inver Hills, please visit Student-Veteran Responsibilities.

Grids for Course Equivalencies

These grids list faculty approved course equivalencies as of September 7, 2012.

Minnesota National Guard a PDF document
United States Marines a PDF document
United States Navy a PDF document