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Writing Center

Writing center

The Writing Center offers students individual tutoring in every phase of the writing process, from generating ideas to drafting and editing a paper to documenting sources. We also guide students' use of computers to enhance their writing efforts. The Writing Center can benefit students at all levels of writing and in all subjects (nursing, biology, sociology, art, psychology, law enforcement, and others). Even accomplished writers utilize feedback from other people to develop and polish their writing.

The Writing Center is not a drop-off editing service. Remember that learning to write well, like every other skill worth having, takes time and practice. We will not edit your work for you, but we will teach you to be your own editor. Our job is to help you get to the point where you don't need us anymore.

The Writing Center is staffed by lab assistants who are experienced writers and teachers of writing. Additionally, student tutors put in regular hours, and faculty members occasionally make themselves available to help students. Keith Richter, English faculty member, is the Writing Center Coordinator. Visit Writing Center Staff to learn more about their backgrounds and beliefs.

If you need writing help on the weekends, late at night, or during breaks or holidays, please visit Smarthinking Online Tutoring.  

Using the Writing Center

You can get assistance from the Writing Center in several ways: a walk-in conference, an appointment, or an online submission. For appointments and walk-in times click here TutorTrac. At busy times of the semester, you may have to wait for a walk-in tutor session. Give yourself lots of time before the paper’s due date, so you will not be disappointed.

Students are allowed a maximum of two hours of tutoring per week. Demand for our services is often very high, so we need to make ourselves available to as many students as possible.

Below are some guidelines to help make your visits to the Writing Center more effective. 

  • Plan before coming to the Writing Center: Bring your ideas and/or drafts to the Center early in the process, not the day before the paper is due. Plan to come to the Center more than once, particularly if you have a lot of problems with grammar.
  • Come to the Writing Center prepared: Bring your ideas, drafts, or prewriting. Bring your textbook(s). Bring your assignment sheet or notes about the requirements for the assignment.
  • Bring any other relevant notes and be ready to actively participate in the writing conference.
  • Have realistic expectations about what the Writing Center can do for you: Expect to take an active, participatory role in the tutoring conference.
  • Expect that the conference will last no more than 60 minutes.
  • Expect to address higher order concerns such as organization, development, and logic early in the process.
  • Expect to address lower order, sentence-level concerns such as grammar and punctuation later in the process.
  • Do not expect that every problem in a paper will be addressed. Tutors will focus on patterns of errors that you can realistically learn to correct in the time available.
  • Do not expect the tutor to "fix" the paper for you.
  • Do not expect that going to the Writing Center guarantees you will get an "A."
  • Do not expect to leave your paper with staff to be proofread and/or commented on in your absence.

E-mail Tutoring

We provide tutoring by email to all students. Go to e-mail tutoring for instructions and submit your questions using the online form.

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Frequently asked questions

For answers to typical questions and details about how to work with a tutor, visit Writing Center FAQs.