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In-person assistance

  • Enrollment Center
    College Center - 2nd Floor
    Open hours
  • IT Service Desk
    IT Center
Remote assistance
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Minnesota Online
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Computers for Student Use


The college provides a large number of computers for student use. The computers are paid for using Technology Fee funds and are provided to support the academic needs of students. Recreational computing is allowed but should be limited during peak usage times to help insure others can use a computer for their academic work.

All use of the college's computing resources are subject to our policy on Acceptable Use of Campus Technology.

Computers for student use are located in a variety of places on campus. If you find a space locked please call 3444 from a campus phone to report the problem to the IT Service Desk.

Find an Open Computer

  • Business building, Room 116 (25 stations)
    • Available when the building is open
    • 3-hole punch is also available
  • College Center building, 2nd floor (20 stations)
    • Available when the 2nd floor area is open
    • flat-bed scanner and color printer also available
    • wireless printing is printed in this area
  • Writing Lab (15 stations)
    • Available when the Writing Lab is open
  • Math Lab (17 stations)
    • Available when the Math Lab is open

Software Installed on Computers

Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) is installed on every machine as are several other software packages.

If your class requires the use of special software it has most likely been installed in B116. If software needed for a class is not installed in B116 please call the IT Support Desk (651-450-3444 or 3444 from a campus phone) or come to the IT Center building at the north end of campus. One of the technical staff will try to assist you.