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Student File Storage

The campus IT department provides networked file storage using file servers - powerful computers that provide services to many people simultaneously. Saving files on the file server provides two primary benefits: 1) flexible access and 2) protection against mechanical and other massive failures. Folders on the file servers are available from any computer on campus, as well as from computers that are off campus with an Internet connection. Files stored on the file servers are protected against loss by routinely copying files to a different server located in a different area.

Each student user is provided a personal network folder on a file server for storing files. This network folder is usually mapped to drive letter Z for convenience and is commonly referred to as the Z drive. This storage spaced is intended to be used for campus-related files and is backed up routinely to protect files from loss due to equipment failure. The folder is accessible to the individual user only and cannot be shared. The size of the folder for students is 100 MB, unless special arrangements are made. Office, classroom, and lab computers are configured so the "My Documents" icon points to the user's personal network folder (Z drive). You can also access your personal files on the Z drive from off campus by following these instructions.

Wireless Laptop computers are configured differently than the wired computers on campus. Because this is your own personal computer, it is not part of our network, and your Z Drive will not be accessible without additional steps. To connect your laptop to our wireless network, visit Wireless Network. Then, once connected, you can access your files in the Z drive from your laptop following the instructions for Off-Campus Use.