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Wireless Network

Inver Hills has an extensive wireless network that reaches into almost all corners of the campus. The wireless network provides access to the campus website, E-services, D2L, library resources and the Internet. You can also set up wireless printing to be able to get your documents onto paper using your wireless device.

NOTICE: The Inver Hills CC wireless network service DOES NOT PROVIDE ENCRYPTION or other security to protect your data during wireless transmission. Be sure any online services that involved the transmission of sensitive personal data provide secure socket layer (SSL) data encryption or other security measures; the address will start with https. Don't be fooled by clever phishing schemes that mask the real URL with a supposedly safe URL.

Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network

  1. To connect your computer to the network, use the easy-to-follow directions for Windows or for Macs or forAndroid devices.
  2. To connect your computer to the network using StarLAN follow directions for Windows or for Macs.
    Note: The network SSID name is starlan (make sure you use all lower case letters).
  3. If you are using Windows you will need to install a small piece of software known as SafeConnect.

Wireless Coverage Map

Areas in red on the illustration below should have a strong wireless signal.

  • Entire Liberal Arts building
  • Entire Business building
  • Entire College Center building
  • Entire Fine Arts building
  • Entire Heritage Hall building
  • Entire Library building
  • Entire Science building
  • Campus Mall from Fine Arts building to Activities building

NOTE: Within each building there may be small isolated areas where the signal does not reach, for example in stairwells. If there isn't a wireless signal where you want to work please submit let the IT department know (see Getting Help).

wireless coverage