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Employee E-mail

The college provides all employees with an e-mail account. In most cases, accounts are created automatically when someone appears in the Human Resource system. Microsoft Outlook is the e-mail client application installed and configured on computers in employee offices. Outlook should automatically configure itself when you first start it. If that doesn't work or you have other questions we invite you to call the IT Service Desk (x3444).

Log in

You can log directly into our mail server at Make sure that you enter your user name in the form as ihcc\username.

E-mail address formats

The e-mail system is configured to create a few different e-mail address aliases for each e-mail account. The basic e-mail address is your network username followed by the college's domain name (

The list below illustrates the e-mail addresses that would automatically exist for customer Jane Doe whose network username is jdoe. A message addressed using any of the following will be delivered to Jane Doe's mailbox.

* (initially set as the reply-to address)
* (not case sensitive)
* case sensitive)

If you would prefer to use one of the alternate versions shown above, submit an IT Help Desk request asking that your "default SMTP address" be set to whatever version you want to use.

Using e-mail when on campus

Microsoft Outlook is the e-mail client application installed and configured on computers in employee offices. Outlook will usually configure itself, but if you have any problems or questions, please submit an IT Help Desk request.

Using e-mail when off campus

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a web-based e-mail client the college makes available. Use the 'Employee e-mail' link in the Faculty/Staff section of the college home page.

The campus e-mail service can be used from off campus using a variety of e-mail client applications. If you are going to use any method other than Outlook Web Access, please pay particular attention to the configuration details to ensure you know where the messages will be located. Be cautious. Some configuration choices will move messages to the computer you are using, making the messages unavailable from any other computer at a later time.

A second option available to you if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on the computer you use off campus. You can use it to connect to the college e-mail server. Directions for doing so are on our Outlook Anywhere page.

A third option for using the campus e-mail service while off campus is to use a POP3 or IMAP e-mail client program. This is not a recommended option. Messages sent while using a POP3 or IMAP client will be sent by your Internet service provider's SMTP service and not the college's SMTP service. If you configure the client to make the messages appear to come from the college when they really come from your ISP those messages will likely be rejected or treated as SPAM by recipient e-mail systems.

There are many different e-mail programs. Instructions on setting up a few of them are:

Apple Mail:
Outlook Express:

There are of course many, many others. If you have a problem with your e-mail client, let us know; due to the vast number of e-mail clients we may not be able to help you but we will do our best.