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Recycling Program

Inver Hills promotes sustainability through recycling programs that reduce waste

Making the World Better

Inver Hills launched a more robust recycling program in partnership with Dakota County.


  • Inver Hills and DCTC were awarded a grant to help facilitate sustainability programs
  • Dual bins are located around campus | One for recycling, one for trash
  • Recycling bins are single stream, meaning all recyclables go in the same container
  • Signs on the bins will guide you on what to recycle and what to trash
  • Future phases will include compost recycling

Recycling & Trash Bins on Campus

About this Program

Recycling is earth-friendly, responsible, and required by law for businesses. Dakota County mandates that recycling bins and trash be located close to each other. This makes recycling the easy choice.

The new dual bins were purchased as part of a $60,000 sustainability grant from Dakota County. They have been placed in hallways and shared office areas.

Recycle these items

Recycle these items

Trash these items

Trash these items