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Fast Facts

Strategic Framework Performance Measures

Please review the Strategic Framework Performance Measures report a PDF document for Inver Hills Community College complied in May 2014.

Our students, our campus (fall 2014)

  • 5,675 credit students were enrolled in fall 2013 (unduplicated headcount). This is the equivalent of 1,728 full-year equivalent students.
  • 36 percent of our students were new to the college in fall 2013 and 64 percent were continuing.
  • 65 percent of credit students are enrolled part-time. A majority of community college students nationwide attend college part time, and an even larger number work more than 20 hours a week. The remaining percentage (35 percent) were full-time students.
  • Students of color (of known status) represented 31 percent of our student population. The percentage of students of color has been steadily increasing over the last several years.
  • 59 percent of our students (of known status) came from a home where neither parent holds a bachelor’s degree; 21 percent of our students (of known status) came from a home where neither parent has any postsecondary education. One of the biggest challenges first-generation students face is a lack of understanding how to pay for college and obtain financial aid.
  • 59 percent of our students are classified as “low-income” students. On a national level, most community college students receive state and federal aid to attend school.
  • Our students are most frequently from
  • 4,954 individuals received continuing education and customized training through our Center for Professional and Workforce Development. We train employees working for 3M, the St. Paul Fire Department, Prairie Island Nuclear Plant and General Dynamics, to name a few.
  • We offered 2,195 for-credit classes; 18 percent were offered exclusively online. We offer 11 programs that can be completed entirely online, from start to finish.
  • The college offered 59 academic disciplines, 35 two-year degree options and 26 certificates.

Students by Race/Ethnicity

Most Popular Majors

  • Liberal Arts (A.A.)
  • Nursing (A.S.) / seeking admission to Nursing
  • Contemporary Business (A.S.)
  • Human Service Worker (A.S.)
  • Paralegal (A.S.)

Student Residence - Top Cities

  • Inver Grove Heights
  • St. Paul
  • Eagan
  • Cottage Grove
  • Apple Valley

(credit students)

Top Feeder High Schools*

  • Park High School
  • Simley Senior High School
  • Rosemount High School
  • Henry Sibley High School
  • Hastings High School

(*Five-year average - first time credit students / when all GED categories are combined, GED would be first on the above list in % of students.)

Average Credit Load (Fall 2014)

Full-Time Students: 13.7 credits
Part-Time Students: 6.6 credits

Retention Rates

80% retained to first spring
50.1% retained to second fall
(Fall 2012 entering cohort- new first-time full-time students)

IPEDS 3-Year Graduation & Transfer Rates

(Fall 2009 entering cohort- new first-time full-time students)
18% Graduated
33.4% Transferred

Inver Hills online

Inver Hills is fully accredited for delivery of programs online. Complete programs available online: A.A. degree; A.S. degree in Contemporary Business; A.A.S. degree in Contemporary Business Practice; A.S. degree in Human Service Worker; Child Care Teacher Certificate; Criminal Justice Postgraduate Certificate; Customer Service Certificate; Human Resource Management Certificate; Human Services Assistant Certificate; Project Management Certificate; and Sales and Marketing Certificate.

Center for Professional and Workforce Development

The Center for Professional and Workforce Development provides professional continuing education and industry certification courses for the workforce as well as employee training for businesses - customized to their specific needs and offered on campus or on site.

Academic programs

Associate in Arts (A.A.)
Accounting (A.S.)
Art (A.F.A.)
Biology (A.S., A.A.)
Business (A.S., A.A.S., certificates)
Chemistry (A.S., A.A.)
Community Health Worker (certificate)
Computer programmer (A.A.S.)
Computer Science (A.S.)
Criminal Justice (A.S., certificate)
Education (A.S.)
Emergency Medical Services (A.S., certificates)
Engineering (A.S.)
English (certificate)
Environmental Science (A.S.)
Exercise Science (A.S.)
Gender and Women Studies (A.A.)
History (A.A.)
Human Services (A.S., certificates)
Individualized Professional Studies (A.S.)
Law Enforcement (A.S.)
Legal Administrative Assistant (A.S., certificate)
Mathematics (A.A.)
Music (A.F.A.)
Network Technology and Security (A.A.S., certificates)
Nursing (A.S.)
Nursing Assistant (certificate)
Paralegal (A.S., certificate)
Physical Education (A.S.)
Political Science (A.A.)
Psychology (A.A.)
Sociology (A.A.)
Theatre (A.F.A.)