Mission, Vision and Values

At Inver Hills, we are dedicated to advancing the power and promise of education. This vision guides our daily work and captures the spirit of our campus. Read more about our institutional priorities.


Learn, discover, and build a better future: Inver Hills is dedicated to the power and promise of education. 


At Inver Hills, we aspire to create a transformational education for every student founded on belonging, learning, support, clear pathways, and community engagement. 

Students at Inver Hills will say of their education:

  • Belonging: "I am valued for who I am." 
  • Learning: "I am engaged in meaningful learning." 
  • Support: "I have the support I need." 
  • Clear Pathways: "I know where I am going and how to get there." 
  • Community Engagement: "I am engaged in community." 


  • Student Centered: We recognize and build on students' strengths and perspectives. We support them in taking an active role in their learning and in navigating our college. We provide inclusive, high-quality, and timely services. We also design our services and programs with our diverse students’ needs in mind. 

  • Equity Minded: We take responsibility for creating an inclusive learning and working environment where our students and colleagues can thrive. We identify and address patterns of inequity, informed by a social and historical understanding of exclusionary practices in American higher education. 

  • Community Engaged: We collaborate with employers, educational institutions, and community organizations to enhance our respective missions and strengthen our communities.

Strategic Priorities 2021-2027

Inver Hills has adopted two goals that capture the essence of its 2021-2027 Strategic Plan and support our Mission, Vision and Values:

  1. Close the Colleges’ Educational Equity Gaps.
  2. Improve Student Success (Effective Teaching + Access + Persistence and Completion).

The Inver Hills Strategic Plan outlines associated strategies and tactics.