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Saul Flores

Saul Flores (pronounced sah–ool), is a philanthropist, photojournalist, and nationally renowned speaker whose compelling journey has touched people’s hearts at more than 250 universities, organizations, and companies. Saul inspires people through his visual presentations while helping them realize the capacity of their immense human potential in times of extreme adversity.

Saul’s social impact projects focus on giving back to his mother’s hometown of Atencingo, Mexico, to ensure the pursuit of education stays viable and strong. Saul’s work has been featured on National Public Radio, MSNBC, and TEDx.

Most notably, Saul walked 5,328 miles through 10 countries and nine border crossings to document how grueling and dangerous the journeys of immigrants to the United States. One goal of the walk was to raise money for an elementary school in Atencingo. Through poignant storytelling and captivating photography, Saul shares the trials and triumphs of his arduous trek across Latin America, motivating others to find hope and strength in their own challenges.

Saul Flores