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The Associate of Arts (A. A.) degree is an ideal choice if you want to complete your general education requirements and complete the first two years of your bachelor’s degree.

At Inver Hills, you'll have the added advantage of working one on one with your program faculty. That's something you probably won't find as a freshman or even a sophomore at the university level.

Undecided? No problem. Many students start college unsure of what they want to study. Get started and explore all of your options. Attend an A.A. Info Session to learn more!

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Planning your Degree

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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), is a general education curriculum that makes up the core of the AA degree. While taking courses from 10 goal areas, you will build your skills, broaden your knowledge, and explore possible majors. When complete, the MnTC transfers as "gen eds" to a variety of institutions, including all Minnesota State universities and the University of Minnesota.

Check with the school you plan to transfer to for up-to-date program information and transfer requirements.

Health & Physical Education

You must take 2 credits in Health (HLTH) and Physical Education (PHED) coursework to complete your Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree.


Electives are additional Inver Hills courses that meet liberal arts, prerequisite, or degree requirements at your intended transfer school. All courses must be 1000 level or above.

Check with your destination college for up-to-date program information and transfer requirements. Inver Hills academic advisors and counselors are very helpful in planning for transfer.

A.A. degree options

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Transfer Pathway Options

A.A. Transfer Pathways are special A.A. degrees that allow you start your major early and seamlessly transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at any one of the Minnesota State universities.

After finishing your Transfer Pathway degree, you will be guaranteed junior-year status on admission to the university you've chosen. You also have the assurance you can earn your bachelor's degree after completing an additional 60 credits (for 120-credit programs).

You must still meet any special admission requirements for your chosen major and are not guaranteed admission into the major itself.

Transfer Pathway A.A. degrees

A.A. with Emphasis

The A.A. with Emphasis allows you to thoroughly prepare for your chosen major at a corresponding bachelor’s degree program at several public and private four-year colleges and universities. We strongly recommend that you work with an Inver Hills counselor or advisor when making your transfer plans.

Emphasis areas

Gender and Women's Studies
Social Justice

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