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Career Development

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Subject Area Overview

Career Development

Academic and career planning can be a daunting task. Our career development courses offer you a step-by-step guide with one-on-one assistance to make the process as easy and effective as possible.

You can also gain practical, real-world experience through community-based learning (CBL) projects in the workforce as a smart way to help you investigate potential career paths.

Why craft your career plan at Inver Hills?

Set clear, achievable goals.

As you go about clarifying your vision for your future, you should make sure your long-range objective is firmly established. That way our counseling faculty can help you complete the short-term steps required to accomplish your mission.

Acquire real-life expertise in the field.

Community-based learning (CBL) at Inver Hills equips you with the skills and experience you need to stand out in a highly competitive labor marketplace. Working in concert with faculty and community partners, CBL offers opportunities for volunteer work, service-learning, academic internships, and off-campus employment.

Set your course with the right coursework.

Inver Hills has the courses you need to pursue your career path, including Career Exploration and Planning, Job Search Strategies, and Field Experience. The latter course provides opportunities for supervised, practical, community-based learning (CBL) experiences in a wide variety of settings. You would get the chance to put in a minimum of 40 hours per credit on the job.

Career Development

Don't just hold down a job. Build your career.

Our Career Development coursework gives you experience in the field, opportunities to explore and plan your career path, and strategies to make your job search more effective.

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