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Program Overview

English courses at Inver Hills prepare you to think critically and write academically about a wide range of topics. Our courses not only fulfill five goals in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), but also help you develop the writing and literary skills you need to succeed in your future collegiate and career endeavors.

The new English Transfer Pathway A.A. is a powerful degree for students who know that they want to major in English and transfer to a university.

The Workplace Writing certificate will help you enhance your written communication competence and understanding. Writing expertise is highly valued by employers in a multitude of fields.

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Why Study English at Inver Hills?

Dive into the miraculous world of literature.

Our English department offers nearly 30 courses that range from Fiction Writing to American Literature to Mythic Stories to Contemporary Fiction to Women in Literature to The Novel. Completing English courses is required for virtually every degree. Whatever your focus of interest, we’ve got you covered.

Upgrade your capacity to write like an expert and do sound research.

Competency in writing and research are essential skills in both college and almost any career field. Completing our Writing and Research Skills course will get you to the level you need to be.

Elegance ruled by concision is the foundation of solid writing.

Our course on Style and Correctness for Writers will be your ticket to proficiency in all your written communications.

Add professionalism to your writing know-how.

After completing our Writing and Research for the Professions, you’ll grasp the mechanics of research proposals, feasibility studies, audience analysis, and business writing while enhancing your research and evaluative skills.

Take your newfound writing skills online.

Our Writing for the Web course will teach you how to tailor your writing to wikis, blogs, multimodal essays, discussion forums, and more while incorporating images, links, audio, and/or video. You’ll study the elements of web page design and the best way to present information in a succinct and appealing style.

Let’s get technical.

Taking our Introduction to Technical Writing course will get you up to speed on developing, writing, and presenting information in a technical environment. You will learn how to employ graphics to boost visual appeal and usability. You’ll also investigate ways to use technology to better deliver your message to your audience.

Workplace Writing Career Paths

Bring your thoughts and ideas to light.

Writing revs up your brain and expands your imagination. Knowing how to write with skill and confidence gives you the power to always put your best words forward.

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