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Geology is the Earth science that studies the solid features of the planet we call home. When people think of geology, they usually imagine rocks—and rocks are front and center when geologists examine the composition of our world and the processes that drive planetary change over time.

Why study geology at Inver Hills?

Conservation is a major driver of geology.

Geologists play key roles in conserving the resources that support modern civilization, including fossil fuels and minerals, freshwater, and a clean environment.

Gain geological insights while working toward your associate degree.

You can apply your science-with-lab Geology coursework toward the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree requirements or toward transfer to a four-year school and the pursuit of your baccalaureate degree.

Help humankind obtain the tools and know-how to shape the future.

As a geology student, you’ll explore our planet across the reaches of deep time and acquire knowledge that illuminates potential solutions to severe problems such as climate change. Your coursework will examine the physical and historical aspects of geology as well as the awesome power of natural disasters and their horrific impact on humankind.

Go where the world goes.

Studying geology is as unlimited as the mysteries of our planet. You can investigate the evolution of life, oceans and the atmosphere, the chemistry of raw materials, and natural hazards like volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, asteroid impacts, and tsunamis. Your explorations are only narrowed by your imagination.

Assemble a commanding set of transferable skills.

Continuing your studies in geology paves the way for a satisfying career in the private or public sectors. For starters, you’ll be comfortable with technology, rigorous analysis, the scientific method, data collection, lateral thinking, solving problems, writing reports, and much more.


Geologists strive to understand the physical history of Earth.

Employment opportunities for geologists and geoscientists are found at government agencies, research institutes, and private industry. The latter includes petroleum, natural gas, construction, and mining companies as well as environmental engineering and consulting firms.

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