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One of the main branches of learning, the humanities are home ground to scholars who study how people explore, comprehend, and record the human experience.

The humanities give us the capacity to connect with people and civilizations from the past, relate with more insights to contemporary cultures, and anticipate human adventures and accomplishments of the future.

Why study the humanities at Inver Hills?

Communication is the key.

As a humanities student at Inver Hills, learn how to approach concepts and issues creatively while harnessing your power to write and speak with clarity. Communication is one of five crucial skills you’ll acquire studying the humanities.

Meet the wonders of life face to face.

Delivering the core import of the humanities is tough to replicate online, which means as a humanities student you will become adept at engaging and inspiring people in person while gaining a greater appreciation for diverse backgrounds. Strong interpersonal relations is another skill you’ll obtain delving into the humanities.

Innovate. Harmonize. Thrive.

Many humanities majors opt to minor in a tech-related field, a strategy that offers a powerful edge in the job marketplace along with the ability to excel in a variety of workplace settings. Adaptability is still another skill you’ll gain by focusing on the humanities.

Band together to meet any challenge.

Collaboration is a crucial element across every field of endeavor from law to business to healthcare to high technology. As a humanities student, you will not only investigate how people working as a team have shaped human history, but you'll also discover your own capacity to contribute in a team-based environment. Yes, you can add teamwork to your skill set.

Transcend obstacles with elegance, precision, and fairness.

Seeing the big picture, formulating breakthrough ideas, solving difficult problems, and identifying the smartest way forward are the bread and butter of humanities students. All are more important to modern employers than knowing how to carry out a specific technical task. Critical thinking is another must-have skill brought to you by the humanities.

Generate fresh horizons.

Humanities course topics cover art, literature, music, history, language, philosophy, and religion from different perspectives. You can apply your coursework toward transfer to a four-year school to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a humanities discipline.


Better understand the human condition.

The Humanities department at Inver Hills offers interdisciplinary approaches to studying cultures and periods around the world and throughout history.

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