Nursing Assistant


The 5-credit Nursing Assistant certificate program gives you the training you need for basic entry into the healthcare field as a nursing assistant or home health aide, including 16 hours of supervised clinical experience in a long-term care facility or lab setting. Students are prepared to take the state registry exam for certification upon completion of the course.

Note: If you have been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge or conviction may have on your chances of employment in the field you intend to study or on your chances to obtain federal, state and other higher education financial aid.

To complete the requirements of the course students will need to receive a criminal background clearance. Please refer to the Criminal Background section of the catalog for more information on the criminal background study.

2024-2025 Required Courses

Nursing Core Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
  NURA 1001
Nursing Assistant

Course Outline
Credits: 5
Introduces concepts of basic human needs, health/illness continuum, and basic nursing skills in long-term care and/or home care environments. Skills are taught in a simulated laboratory setting utilizing demonstration and role-playing. Upon successful completion of classroom studies, the student will participate in 16 hours of supervised clinical experience in a long-term care facility or lab setting. This course meets the objectives of the Federal OBRA and Minnesota Department of Health requirements as detailed for educating the nursing assistant. Course includes a malpractice insurance fee. Students must also have a criminal background clearance.


Corequisites: None
Future Offering:
  • Summer 2023
  • Fall 2023
  • Spring 2024
  • Summer 2024
  • Fall 2024
  • Spring 2025

Total Credits in Nursing Core Curriculum 5