Political Science

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Program Overview

Politics is people exercising power to decide what will be accomplished on matters of public concern. As a political science student, you will examine differing viewpoints and interest groups that often conflict on the nature and outcomes of public issues. You can study politics on the local, state, national, and/or international levels.

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Why Study Political Science at Inver Hills?

Focus your passion for public affairs.

Examine political problems from all angles and consider a wide gamut of solutions. Make civic engagement and the politics of change the benchmarks of your academic career.

Become a political machinist.

Get down to the brass tacks of politics. Learn how the decision-making process functions and unfolds at all levels of government.

Grasp the factors that shape our everyday lives.

Politics determines the state of our schools, healthcare networks, food supply, transportation infrastructure, environment, natural resources, criminal justice system, and national security. Become that informed citizen who makes “politics as usual” a bygone expression.

Get the party started.

Political Science at Inver Hills offers introductory coursework in comparative, American, and Minnesota politics. Find out where you are on the never-ending campaign trail.

Form a more perfect Union.

We also offer a course called Introduction to Constitutional Law that provides an overview of American rights and liberties. Think controversy after controversy. Delve deep into the statecraft and intrigue behind your own political values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Actions speak louder.

Take fieldtrips to the Minnesota State Capitol, interview public officials during classroom visits, participate in meaningful civic engagement projects, partner with the Inver Hills Student Senate. These are just some of the ways you’ll apply the hard and soft science of politics to the real world.

Internships rule.

Earn college credit while completing an internship in a range of areas, including government agencies, political parties, political campaigns, interest groups, and other organizations linked to the study of political science.

Vote for your own future.

Our Transfer Pathway A.A. gives you the credits you need to transfer with junior-year status to a political science baccalaureate program at one of seven Minnesota State universities. Your education at Inver Hills will elect you the leader of your academic and career destiny.

Political Science Career Paths

Master the science of politics.

Our Political Science alumni often transfer to competitive baccalaureate programs and go on to enroll in law school or other graduate schools. They have continued following their dreams to become accomplished educators, attorneys, government employees, lobbyists, community leaders, and elected officeholders.

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