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The Reading department at Inver Hills offers courses that teach the study and academic skills you’ll need to succeed in college and your future career. Courses cover topics such as critical reading and reading college texts as well as college-level reading and writing.

Why take reading courses at Inver Hills?

Improve your concentration.

Developing your reading skills helps you enhance your ability to focus on diverse and unfamiliar topics. One of your main tasks in college is reading a wide variety of material with the aim to understand and apply what you’re reading.

Think critically and analyze with a purpose.

The more you read the more you unlock the marvelous potential of your mind. The critical thinking and analytical skills you assemble through reading effectively will serve you well on your academic, career, and life journeys.

Broaden your vocabulary.

Skilled readers naturally build a deeper and more expansive vocabulary. The volume of new words you discover and comprehend eventually become part of your day-to-day communications. Finding just the right word will become a routine activity.

Beef up your reading and writing skills.

We offer six excellent courses that will take your reading prowess to the next level, including courses that cover college reading and writing, reading college texts, academic reading, and critical reading. We also offer a 3-credit Reading Workshop.

Learn as part of a community.

Our reading faculty actively participate in the college's Learning Communities (LCOMs), which are a wonderful way to collaborate with your fellow students to facilitate your academic success. LCOMs offered include Read, Write, Succeed, Write Now!, The Social Animal, Culture Club: Hot Topics from Around the Globe, and more.


Keep your mind young, sharp, and strong.

Reading powers up your capacity to absorb and retain information. Your memory is a fundamental tool. You'll need a topnotch memory to make real headway meeting your academic and career goals.

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