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Mission: The Inver Hills Community College mathematics students will develop the skills in and attitudes toward mathematics that will help them appreciate the value of mathematics and be able to apply it in their daily lives and careers, thus motivating them to become lifelong learners of mathematics.

Quality Matters recognizedThe Math Department is now offering several Quality Matters recognized courses, Math 840 Introductory Algebra, Math 940 Intermediate Algebra, and Math 1118 College Algebra I. These courses met all of the Quality Matters review standards and are examples of quality online instruction!


Meet our Math Center Tutors:

Quynh Nguyen (Math Center Coordinator): I have worked in the Math Center for 6 years and enjoy it because it helps me stay current in my field. My strength includes the ability to adjust to the different learning styles and levels of all students. I have a B.S. in Applied Math from the College of St. Catherine and would like to work toward a Masters in Math. (not pictured)





Interesting Math Articles:

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Betting on March Madness : Mathematicians Show Randomly Guessing NCAA Outcome is Extremely Improbable (Science Daily 3/1/06)

Friday Math Movies:

Watch a short movie about math (new ones posted every-other Friday)! The topics and disciplines vary but the movies emphasize how math is around us including tips or ideas for learning and applying math.

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