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BUS 1100  Introduction to Business Applications and Computing   4.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1100

Introduces software applications designed to increase personal and organizational productivity. Applications include Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Other topics include a survey of open-source content management systems, relational databases, web analytic tools, computer security, safety, ethics, and privacy concerns.

BUS 1101  Introduction to Business in Society   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1101

Presents an overview of the role of business in society. Topics include the historical perspective, the economy, global dimensions of business, ethics and social responsibility, and the various forms of business organizations. Various disciplines of business (accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, operations, etc.) are also introduced in the overall context of the enterprise.

BUS 1102  Principles of Customer Service   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1102

Defines customer service and demonstrates the importance of delivering effective customer service. Topics covered include the financial impact of customer service delivery, skills for developing customer service over the phone, in person, in writing, and electronically. Experiential exercises promote skills for assessing customer service and handling escalated situations.

BUS 1105  Sales And Negotiating Skills   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1105

Introduces the principles and practices of professional selling. Learn to be a true problem solver and discoverer of customer needs. Creatively match benefit statements to deliver customer satisfaction. Learn how to organize and develop leads into sales. Deliver goods, services, and ideas beyond customer expectations, while maintaining a positive and enjoyable attitude. Polish presentation skills, learn networking, timing, and other essentials. The who, what, when, and why of selling today.

BUS 1109  Introduction to International Business   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1109

Examines social and ethical foundations of business in different cultures and countries. Explores wide range of issues: trends and patterns in evolving attitudes towards international business that can be used to further understanding of present-day business realities; themes and patterns that dictate interaction among a people; and major political, religious, and linguistic differences that might engender conflict. The major goal of course is to develop a protocol for everyday interaction that will 1) contribute to establishment of successful interaction between diverse work groups, 2) mitigate cross-cultural conflict in organizations, 3) enhance possibilities of success in international world of business, and 4) explain the role of international financial systems in evaluating the success of an international business.

BUS 1111  Principles of International Marketing   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1111

Surveys dominant marketing approaches and their development in different areas of the world. Course surveys Import, export, direct sale, licensing, franchising, the role of regional economic blocks, and international trade organizations as various ways of market entry and market expansion. Prerequisite: Recommended: BUS 1109

BUS 1112  Business Math   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1112

Presents students with basic mathematics that can be applied to business situations. Course includes brief review of basic arithmetic as a foundation for course concepts including the application of interest rates, discounts, depreciation, consumer loans, mortgages, insurance, stocks and bonds, financial statements, annuities, present and future value, and the concept of sinking funds. Prerequisites: MATH 0740.

BUS 1113  Introduction To International Law   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1113

Examines basic business law with focus on practical aspects of doing business in different cultures. Primary emphasis is on useful understanding of business know-how and behavior. This is achieved by first laying historical foundation of selected cultures, then introducing students to areas of law and documents that commonly feature in transnational transactions. Torts, contracts, property rights, technology licensing and intellectual property are examined and students are walked through hypotheticals and the typical phases of different kinds of agreements. Prerequisite: Recommended: BUS 1109

BUS 1115  Principles Of International Trade   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1115

Examines issues surrounding bilateral trade between the United States and target country (or trade group) within the framework of mutual obligations and treaties. Begins with a brief history of relevant bilateral trade relationship. Reviews obligations and commitments of parties under pertinent laws and regulations affecting international trade, including the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994, World Trade Organization agreements, and other bi-lateral pacts. Role of cultural differences in trade disputes as well as monitoring and enforcement actions that can aid in resolving them are also discussed. Prerequisites: Recommended: BUS 1109

BUS 1118  Business Ethics   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1118

Examines issues related to ethics in business and their relationship and impact upon society, the economy, and environment. Students will increase their awareness in making decisions based upon ethical judgments. Students will examine the roles, responsibilities, and conflicts of business management in the context of organizational ethics.

BUS 1119  Human Relations in Business   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1119

Examines human behavior and interaction in the organization. Emphasis is placed on developing more productive working relationships, and achieving desired results. Topics include: employer/employee relations, communication techniques, conflict management, work force diversity, and developing and managing effective teams, motivation, training, and development, talent management, developing leaders, and performance management.

BUS 1122  Human Resources Management   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1122

Presents the evolving nature of Human Resource professionals' role in organizations. Topics include the strategic, administrative, and operational roles of Human Resource professionals, the strategic planning process, assessing internal and external environment of organization, measuring HR strategic contributions, examining ethical challenges, and formulating policies and creating implementation process in responding to legislative and regulatory environment.

BUS 1125  Management of Customer Service   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1125

Provides students with the tools needed to manage customer service in any environment. Topics covered include call center management, sales force management, techniques for handling escalated situations, and selecting, hiring and supervising customer service representatives. Prerequisites: BUS 1103 or permission of instructor

BUS 1131  Legal Environment of Business   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1131

Introduces business students to legal topics that impact business. This course addresses legal reasoning, legal procedures, constitutional law, torts, contracts, the sale of goods under the uniform Commercial Code, business organizations, unfair competition, consumer protection, bankruptcy and employment law.

BUS 1141  Workforce Planning   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1141

Presents legislations, regulations, and administrative processes affecting Human Resource operation in selecting, staffing, retaining, terminating employees, and record-keeping requirements.

BUS 1143  Total Reward and Compensation   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1143

Examines how to develop, design, implement, and evaluate total reward system aligned with meeting organizational strategies, goals, values, and objectives.

BUS 1145  Risk Management   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1145

Examines various aspects of workplace safety, health, security, and privacy issues, including proactive measures dealing with catastrophes.

BUS 1150  Supervisory Techniques In Business   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1150

Covers the essential decision making skills necessary for effective supervision and leadership of work groups and individuals. The supervisor's role in the organization is also studied. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and achieving results without the negative use of power or other demoralizing approaches. This course is designed to help potential and existing supervisors enhance their effectiveness.

BUS 1152  Leadership Skills Development   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1152

Examines the topics related to developing effective leadership skills. Areas of study include innovative enterprises that thrive on the global dynamics of creative and versatile leadership, and effective organizational changes. This course is designed to provide entrepreneurs, managers, and supervisors the opportunity to synthesize their individual and organizational potential.

BUS 1160  Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1160

Explores the journey of business creation from an initial entrepreneurial idea to the successful management of a small business. Students develop practical, hands-on marketing and financial skills designed to increase the chances of success of an entrepreneurial endeavor. The final project is the creation of a business plan which may be used to help secure initial financing of a small business start-up.

BUS 1170  Microsoft Word   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1170

Covers word processing skills using Microsoft Word. Students will learn the basic and advanced tools for creating, editing, and formatting documents. In addition students will learn to customize Word, automate word processing tasks using macros, and create online forms using content controls.

BUS 1171  Introduction to Excel   1.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1171

Introduces how to create spreadsheets using Excel. It focuses on techniques for creating, editing, formatting, and maintaining a spreadsheet efficiently. Students will learn to sort and manipulate data using formulas and functions. Students will also learn to create and modify charts in Excel.

BUS 1172  Intermediate Excel   1.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1172

Introduces advanced features in Microsoft Excel. Students will learn to capture, format, calculate, analyze, and present data using advanced formulas, PivotTables and PivotCharts. Students will also learn to manage data ranges, tables, multiple workbooks, and automate tasks using macros. Prerequisites: BUS 1171 or BUS 1100 or consent of instructor.

BUS 1173  Microsoft PowerPoint   1.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1173

Introduces how to design, manage, and modify professional-looking presentations using PowerPoint. Students will learn how to apply the powerful tools provided by PowerPoint to create and format slides. Students will also learn how to enhance presentations using graphics, video, and audio files.

BUS 1174  Introduction to Microsoft Access   1.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1174

Introduces how to create and maintain a database using Access. Topics include relational database concepts, building and customizing tables, creating queries, and constructing basic forms and reports.

BUS 1175  Intermediate Microsoft Access   1.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1175

Covers advanced form and report construction using Microsoft Access. Students will learn to use form tools to create custom forms, design reports; and maintain a database using advanced queries. Student will also perform basic data analysis using PivotTables.

BUS 1176  Project Management Software   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 1176

Uses Microsoft Project to introduce project management theory and application. Topics in this course include: creating a project to include task definition and dependencies; examination of critical path, constraints, and earned value; allocation of resources; assigning resources and project costs; tracking progress; and sharing of project information.

BUS 1189  Business Internship   cr
Course Outline for BUS 1189

Offers the student practical work experience in a business environment. The student should have the opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom to the working world. A new job assignment with a current employer may be a suitable internship experience. Note: This course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Prereq: Permission of instructor.

BUS 2004  Principles of Marketing   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 2004

Provides an overview of the marketing process and examines the role of government, the marketing environment, consumer behavior, and the marketing function within an enterprise. Students will learn how to develop and implement an effective marketing plan which includes identification of target markets and the utilization of the appropriate marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution). The course also covers essential marketing concepts and terminology such as positioning, segmentation, relationship marketing, marketing information systems, etc.

BUS 2021  Principles of Management   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 2021

Studies management's role in helping organizations establish and achieve their mission and goals. Assists individuals in developing the skills needed to become successful practicing managers in today's society. Major areas of focus include the historical functions of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) as well as emerging ideas and practices that are transforming management and leadership in modern organizations.

BUS 2100  Business Finance   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 2100

Introduces financial management in a business environment. Students will develop an understanding of topics including time value of money, stock and bond valuation, security markets, risk and return, and capital budgeting. Students will also engage in hands-on activities involving financial markets. Prereq: ACCT 2101 or equivalent.

BUS 2130  Employment Law for Business   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 2130

Provides employee and labor laws affecting employee and labor relations, impact of organizational culture on employee relations, employee relations strategies, measuring attitudes, policies, procedures, and work rules, discipline and complaint procedures, unfair labor practices, collective bargaining, and strikes and secondary boycotts.

BUS 2250  Contemporary Business Topics   cr
Course Outline for BUS 2250

Explores selected issues and developments currently facing American business. These may relate to the managerial, social, ethical, legal, financial, economic, technological, political, and international aspects of business. Permission of instructor may be required in certain topic areas. This course may be repeated under different topics.

BUS 2320  Project Management and Planning Skills   3.0 cr
Course Outline for BUS 2320

Presents a systematic approach to managing and integrating the work of individuals and teams in their pursuit of organizational goals. Topics include defining project purpose, analyzing task and resource requirements, understanding behavioral dimensions, and using common tools for planning and controlling projects. Note: It is recommended that students take BUS 2021 (Principles of Management) before this course.