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COMM 1100  Interpersonal Communication   3.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 1100

Is a course that helps students recognize that we live and work in relationship with others and must communicate effectively with them to achieve our goals. This class helps students acquire the skills to effectively communicate with family members, intimate others, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. After reviewing relevant interpersonal theory, students will examine and identify their own communication attitudes and behaviors. Students will also learn and apply techniques for improving communication in their relationships through active practice. Students will participate in multiple activities, both in and outside the classroom setting, to build their interpersonal communication skills. This course is open to all students and meets the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) 8710.2000, Subp. 7, Standard 6C, D, F, & G.

COMM 1110  Public Speaking   3.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 1110

Is the introductory study of the theory and practice of public speaking. Public presentation skills are required for individuals to be successful in our workplaces, communities and many other contexts in today's society. Students will learn about the different types of public speeches commonly encountered and learn how to research, organize and write their ideas into clear and understandable forms of public communication. Students will also practice the delivery skills needed to present ideas effectively. Students will be required to speak and participate often and will also be required to present their speeches in a classroom setting with an audience of their peers and an instructor. This is an online public speaking course and students must come to campus to deliver speeches.

COMM 1130  Effective Communication in Organizations   3.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 1130

Provides an overview of the role of communication in organizations and the various skills needed to become more effective as individuals in organizational settings. Specifically, this course will look at the communication contexts of interviews, meetings, teamwork, and presentations. Additional topics will include organizational culture and change, cultural and ethical issues, interpersonal relations, and conflict and negotiation.

COMM 2210  Oral Interpretation of Literature   2.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 2210

Explores aesthetic theory of literature and of oral reading. Includes practice in reading for emphasis, interpretation, and mastery of reading techniques.

COMM 2230  Small Group Communication   3.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 2230

Introduces students to the practice and theory of communicating in small group settings. Working in groups is an integral part of living in today's society. Community and workplace situations require us to be able to lead, participate, and follow effectively. Participating in this course will assist students in developing the leadership, conflict management, problem solving and discussion skills necessary to function in group settings. Students will apply small group communication theory in small, task-oriented groups and develop presentation skills to showcase their understanding of what it means to be an effective group member. Evaluating the effectiveness of their own and others' group communication behaviors is also required.

COMM 2240  Intercultural Communication   3.0 cr
Course Outline for COMM 2240

Explores factors that influence communication between individuals of different cultures. In our global society we are increasingly called upon to communicate in a variety of intercultural contexts. Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between cultural orientation and communication behaviors. Identifying their own cultural biases and assumptions will help students increase their awareness and tolerance of individual and group differences. Students will learn to demonstrate cultural sensitivity in interpersonal contacts and identify skills for interacting with people from culture groups other than their own. Students may not earn credit for both COMM 1114 and COMM 2240.

COMM 2250  Topics in Communication Studies   cr
Course Outline for COMM 2250

This course is a topics course. Please refer to the course section note for more information on this course. This course may be repeated under different topics.