Gender and Women Studies

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GWS 1000  Introduction to Gender and Women Studies   3.0 cr
Course Outline for GWS 1000

Introduces students to the main concepts of Gender and Women Studies by examining the origins of the field of study, its theoretical and sociological underpinnings, and evolution. Explores the psychological and social construction of gendered identity, including LGBTQIA theory and social concerns, as well as the intersections of race, class and gender.

GWS 1100  Gender, Race and American Culture   3.0 cr
Course Outline for GWS 1100

Explores the historical and contemporary intersections of race, class and gender in the United States and examines the relationships between racially-based and gender-based movements for civil rights. Identifies and analyzes contemporary stereotypes regarding race, class and gender.

GWS 1200  Women and Global Issues   3.0 cr
Course Outline for GWS 1200

Explores the political, economic, and cultural influences shaping women's lives around the world, with a focus on emerging and non-Western nations. Investigates the distinction between 'global' issues and local issues by examining international commonalities, as well as differences.

GWS 2100  Constructions of Masculinity and Femininity   3.0 cr
Course Outline for GWS 2100

Explores key psychological, linguistic and philosophical theories on the origins of masculinity and femininity as essential gendered characteristics. Identifies current cultural assumptions about gender, masculinity and femininity and explores how LGBTQIA theory complicates these assumptions.