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  • We will attempt to respond to all e-mail tutoring requests ONE WEEK of submittal. Due to high demand of our online services, we cannot guarantee a faster turnaround. Tutors are not available on weekends. Please use Smarthinking online tutoring if you have a more urgent need for help.
  • Plan ahead! If the due date for the assignment is less than ONE WEEK after you submit your request, we will likely be unable to respond in time.
  • Simply complete the form below, copy and paste your paper into the large box, and submit the form. To copy and paste a document from Microsoft Word, first open the document, and then in the "Edit" menu, click "Select All." Finally, right-click the mouse and select "Copy." To paste the document into this form, go to the final box on the form. Left-click the mouse within the box to move the cursor there. Then, right-click and select "Paste."
  • It is important that you be as specific as possible about your tutoring goals. Please check only two boxes of specific concerns.
  • We are not a drop-off proofreading and editing service. Checking the "Grammar and Mechanics" box below will signal tutors to look for one or two patterns of errors, not every single error. If there are specific errors you would like us to focus on, such as sentence fragments or verb tenses, please indicate one or two of them in the "additional comments" box.
  • When you submit a request, we will respond with some suggestions for improvement and, when indicated, some examples of how to correct certain types of errors. We will not "fix" everything and send back a polished draft of your essay.

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