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Type A: Virtual Presentation - Staff will present admissions and general college information to your group via Zoom (Q&A will be offered via chat function). There may be options to include other topics, please see below if selecting Type A. If another technology platform is being requested, please list this request in the Additional Comments/Questions (local IT support may be required by you in this event as the college uses Zoom).

Type B: Campus Visit - Campus is open for visitors! We will present a one hour overview of the college and its programs, as well as information about student support services, financial aid, and the college’s enrollment steps. Information will be presented as we walk around campus and check out the various buildings and outdoor spaces. For campus visits, we ask for a ratio of 1 chaperone per 10 to 12 total attendees, with a max of 24 to 30 students at a single visit, to allow for a conducive visit experience. If accommodations will be needed for this visit opportunity, please indicate this in the Additional Comments/Questions.

If requesting Type A - If interested, in addition to general college and admissions information, what are other departments your group would like to hear more information from for the virtual event? Please select the options listed below. We will do our best to schedule 1-2 additional areas based on your interests and staff availability.


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