Student Basic Needs

Emergency Grants & Financial Resources

Emergency Grants

The Emergency Grant program can help students at risk of dropping out of college due to unexpected financial emergencies. This program was created to help students stay in college, because finishing will help secure a better financial future.

Grant funding is provided from several sources, including the Inver Hills Community College Foundation, Kopp Family Foundation, Gail’s Fund, and individual donor support. Click here to learn more and how to apply.

Community Resources

The Inver Hills Counselors can help students navigate support resources in the local community. For assistance with navigating these resources, please contact the Counseling Office to learn more:

Financial Aid Office

Office of Financial Aid staff help students with many aspects of financing their education such as completing the FAFSA, understanding the different types of aid available, or answering questions. Use the following link to talk to a representative:

Child Care Grant

The Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program provides funding to low income parents of young children (12 years and younger). The maximum available to a full-time student is $6,500 for each eligible child per academic year. Assistance may cover up to 40 hours of child care per week for each eligible child. The application for this grant can be found on the Financial Aid page, under:

Scholarships from the Inver Hills Foundation

The Inver Hills Community College Foundation provides numerous scholarship opportunities for both new and current students. Scholarships are awarded for both Fall and Spring semesters.