Inver Hills Students
Student Success Day

Wednesday, October 2nd

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. in Fine Arts Lobby
3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in Heritage Hall Lobby

Student Success Day is a full-day, student-centered event featuring one-on-one faculty time and workshop sessions to help students focus on their college goals. Plenty of free food will be served, including breakfast snacks and pizza for lunch and dinner.

Keynote Speaker

Joshua Olatunde

Joshua Olatunde

Born and raised on Chicago's Southside, Joshua Olatunde relied heavily on mentors from those he deemed "leaders" in his community. His mother worked as a liquor store clerk and hairdresser, while his father served as a factory worker to a local steel mill. At age eight, Joshua nearly succumbed to the peer pressures of his environment, nearly losing his life to gang violence.

Shortly after, Joshua’s mother forced him to join the local wrestling team to keep out of trouble. His coach drilled handwork, dedication, persistence and ambition into his mind; embedding academic metrics and behavioral standards into his program. Joshua thrived in this structured environment, gaining his passion for academia and the arts. By the time he finished middle school, he was an honors student.

In high school, he wrestled his way to a state championship and represented the State of Illinois in national and international Competitions. His 3.8 GPA earned him multiple scholarships, which allowed him to attend CUNY-Hunter College, where he majored in physics and english.

After graduating, he worked with youth programs in the South Bronx, Jamaica, Queens, and Spanish Harlem. While attending graduate school at Harvard University, Joshua taught physics in war torn villages in Namibia. He later served as a staff member to programs at Johns Hopkins University and UCLA. He is the co-founder & director of operations of TCI Solutions, Inc. - a workforce development agency headquartered in Minneapolis that provides diverse talent pipelines to Thomson Reuters, General Mills, Metropolitan Airports Commissions, and many other national companies who seek engineers, manufacturers, I.T. specialists, maintenance workers, mechanics, and physicists as productive employees.

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