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Student Success Day

Wednesday, October 2nd

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. in Fine Arts Lobby
3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in Heritage Hall Lobby

Student Success Day is a full-day, student-centered event featuring one-on-one faculty time and workshop sessions to help students focus on their college goals. Plenty of free food will be served, including breakfast snacks and pizza for lunch and dinner.

Online Sessions

How to Attend SSD Online

SSD is held on campus on a specific day each semester, but you may attend SSD via Zoom at certain times or online anytime. Here's how:

  1. Go to one of the IHCC pages listed below (developed and/or written by an IHCC faculty, staff member, or club) and explore it.
  2. If an instructor, staff member, or other discussion leader offers an online SSD session it will appear below.

If your instructor might be willing to give you credit for attending SSD online, ask them - and let them know about this page.

Ways to Prove Your Online Attendance

Ask your instructors how they would like you to prove your SSD Online attendance. Write down the time you spent on SSD Online and the subjects you covered:

  1. If you took part in an online discussion with anyone about SSD, you may be able to copy it, or summarize or analyze what you discussed.
  2. You also can report the web address and write about what you learned.

Sessions, Videos, & Resources for Online Students

Succeeding in College as an Adult Learner

Presented by: Annette Carpenter, Brenda Lyseng, Kendrah Pearson, & Heidi Thury

Adult learners enter college with added responsibilities and/or unique needs - parenting, work, time away from school, extended family responsibilities. Let’s have a conversation about what you are experiencing, share some ideas and tips, and find out how the college can support you. Join this conversation at 1 pm or 5 pm via Zoom.

Orientation to Online Learning

Presented by: Hilary Dahlman & Martin Springborg

If you are considering taking online courses, this session is for you! Facilitators will provide a hands-on orientation to IHCC’s online learning environment and give you tips for being successful in online courses. They will discuss how to get support from the Learning Center. An online readiness quiz will be provided to help you make decisions about registration in future semesters! You can participate at 2 pm via Zoom at

Time Management

Presented by Laurel A. Panzer, Psychology

This video presentation provides several time management techniques.

Reference Documents:

How to Succeed Online

This video is a very brief overview of questions that online students often ask, including: what are differences between using D2L, text messages, and email? How can you avoid even the hint of academic dishonesty on D2L? How can you best read the syllabus, assignments, and course content, and follow instructions? How do you develop good study habits and a schedule?
Presented by Ellen Lansky & Pat Lawton

Transfer Planning: An Effective Strategy

This video presentation features valuable information and resources for transfer planning.
Presented by Rob Harris, Counseling


Additional Resources




The Good, Bad, & Ugly of PowerPoint Basics

Learn how to improve your PowerPoint presentations to make them more concise, creative and better at grabbing your audiences' attention!


B.R.E.A.T.H.E.!!! Success Strategies for Conquering Online Classes

This presentation will introduce its audience to the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. document which was developed by members of Phi Theta Kappa to highlight study tips used by students to maximize their online learning experiences at Inver Hills.  Students will learn easily implemented strategies to ensure their success when taking an online class.

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Online Tutoring

Access Online tutoring through You can get questions answered in a variety of subjects including English and Math. Submit papers online for critique and much more!

Online Learning Tutorial

Session designed by online student who works for Online Peer Mentor Program to provide tools for how to become a better online learner

Online Peer Mentor Program

D2L Training for Students: Atomic Learning

This workshop session provides a number of useful videos with step by step instructions on how to use variuos features of Desire2Learn(D2L).  You may need to login to the Atomic Learning website using your StarID and password to view the videos

Atomic Learning

Money Management Resources




Getting through Tough Financial Times

This website offers a number of resources available to individuals who would like assistance in dealing with tough financial hardships.

Financial Aid

Study Skills & Success Strategy Resources




IHCC Counseling

Stop here for information about Academic Planning, Career Planning, Student Success, Personal Concerns, and Transfer Resources!

IHCC Counselors

California State University-Learning Center Online Workshops

This site hosts a number of onilne workshops on subjects relating to budgeting, reading and writing skills, Time Management, Test Taking Skills and other topics

California State University - Student Learning Center

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