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Virtual Student Success Day

Tuesday, Feb. 8th

Student Success Day is a student-centered event featuring a keynote speaker, one-on-one faculty time, and many sessions to help students focus on their college goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about SSD?

What happens - what are some of the events and activities?

Many of the activities simply involve meeting with your teachers one-on-one or in small groups, in their offices or other designated rooms. Presenters also offer over 60 classroom sessions, 30 minutes-1 hr. each, on a wide variety of interesting, useful topics. Past SSDs, for example, have included these sessions:

"Getting the Most out of Lectures!" "When Are We Going To Use Math!!!?"
"STRESSED OUT?!?!?" "Seven Habits of Successful Students"
"Speed Skimming & Speed Reading" "What To Do if Your Instructor Sucks"
"How To Survive Online!?!" "Broaden Your Horizons--TRAVEL!!"
"Discover Nautilus & Fitness Equipment" "Subvert Class to Your Interests"
"Turning a Reading into a Study Guide" "Money! IHCC Scholarship Opportunities"

Is there a main speaker?

One of the highlights of each SSD is the nationally famous motivational speaker.  The speaker typically will give a high-powered keynote presentation in a filled Fine Arts Theater at 10 am, and a follow-up leadership workshop.  The keynote presentation will be repeated at 6:00 pm in in HH 203.

What about food?

Another highlight is the free food.  In the first part of the morning, coffee, juice, rolls, and donuts are free in Fine Arts.  There is free pizza in the cafeteria at noon, and in Heritage Hall at 5:00 pm.

What else is special?

Yet another highlight is each year's special fairs and display events that last from two to five hours during SSD. In past years, these have included such events as a Service Learning Fair, a Cultural Diversity Fair, Nursing and Paralegal special events, Smart Money sessions and in the spring a Transfer Fair with representatives from a number of nearby colleges and universities.

How about careers - what if I'm career oriented?

In the spring, SSD emphasizes careers and disciplines more, with special sessions and events to aid the aspiring graduate, both in his or her discipline or major and in her future after Inver Hills.  In addition to the Transfer Fair above, typical springtime SSD sessions have included Exploring Majors and Careers, How To Do Science Poster Projects, Preparing a Great Resume, PowerPoint for Student Presentations, and more.

Where do I start?

See the SSD Home Page for the date of the next SSD. Check the schedule to see what hours you want to attend.  When you get to campus, check-in in Fine Arts.  You'll get a nametag you should wear in order to get into sessions and receive free food.  See the Campus Map.

Should I plan ahead?

It's not necessary, but it helps.  See the Program for a list of sessions and session times 1-7 days before the next SSD. Use the Planner to mark in your choices and alternates for each hour.  Sometimes it's helpful to mark in two or three choices.  If you don't like the first session you attend, you can leave after a few minutes simply by walking out or politely excusing yourself and saying, "I have the wrong session."  You are always welcome to walk into other sessions late (even very late!).

What if I come late?

Most sessions begin at around 9 am.  Keynotes are at 10 am.  Arrive whenever you wish.  If you are late for a session--even half an hour late--please feel free to walk in anyway: you're always welcome at any time. If your food or drink is making you late, bring it in with you.

Can I bring in food and drink to a session?

Please do. Presenters would rather have you in the session with food and drink than not have you there. But please bring napkins or plates with you–whatever is available–to help keep carpets and tables clean. No food in the Fine Arts Theater please.

Where's the Schedule?

The schedule is available here , typically one week before SSD.

If I have a Schedule, why check-in?

First, it helps us, the SSD planners, a lot if you check-in. Then we know how many people to plan for next time.  Second, the Web schedules don't have room numbers on them.  We don't plan the room numbers until the last minute. So, you need to check-in to get the final printed copy of the Long Schedule.

The Schedule - Why does it have no room numbers?

The Long Schedule on the Web has no room numbers. This is because the rooms are added just a few days before SSD to accommodate last-minute changes and allow time for printing. So, please check-in in Heritage Hall, to get a schedule with room numbers on it.

What if my teacher holds class on SSD?

That's normal if you're in an accelerated, fully-online, or off campus course.  Also, some classes with hourly certification requirements in technical fields--such Emergency Medical Services or Nursing--may have to be held anyway. However, all other classes are canceled and the rooms may be used by SSD events. Some instructors—especially community instructors who are professionals who share their knowledge by teaching in the evening—may not know much about SSD nor regularly check their Inver Hills email. If so, you can help inform them by asking them to visit this Web site and/or email SSD. We would appreciate your patience and assistance in informing new and community teachers about SSD. If you would like help determining whether your class should meet, please email us.

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