Keith Richter

English Instructor

Department: English
Office: L-223
Phone: 651-450-3541


Even before Keith received his B.A. in anthropology in 1992 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he had already made up his mind to abandon archaeology and instead pursue a career teaching English. During his undergraduate years, he had become more interested in excavating texts and analyzing the cultures within those texts than digging square holes in the unforgiving earth and scrubbing rusty nails.

Keith received his M.A. in English from Kansas State University in Manhattan in December 1996, and nine months later, IHCC hired him as a writing tutor and a part time English instructor. While at IHCC, Keith has created a training course for tutors of English Language Learners, co-presented a session called “Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay” at the Minnesota Association for Developmental Education Conference in 2009, attended the National Summer Institute on Learning Communities at The Evergreen State College in 2011, and presented a session called “Integrating College Readiness in LCOMs” at IHCC's Learning Community Institute in 2012.

Keith has taught full time since 2007, teaching mostly developmental and college-level composition, but his other teaching interests include American Indian fiction and gothic literature.

Education Credentials

Master of Arts (MA) - Majors: English - Kansas State University

Keith Richter