Having trouble with procrastination? Can't quite make that thesis work? Patti understands that the writing process can be a daunting experience for many students, herself included.

She has learned a few tricks over the years of being an exhausted student trying to write yet another paper while staring down a fast-approaching deadline. She has faced many of the fears and tribulations that writing can present--having won some of those battles and having lost some.

Even her writing failures have, upon reflection, given her greater insight into how she functions as a writer, what her limitations are, and how she can use her strengths to get her back to the page again. If you want to explore who you are as a student writer--successes, failures, and all--then she would like to come along on that journey with you. To explore with students their written work is an honor that she cherishes.

As a writing tutor, Patti works closely with Career Programs, especially with nursing, paralegal, criminal justice, and EMS students. Prior to her work at Inver Hills Community College, she was a hospital chaplain and mental health case manager. She is currently ABD (all but dissertation) in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Luther Seminary and holds a Master of Arts in Theology and Pastoral Care from Saint Catherine University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Philosophy from Greenville University. She has great respect for those entering the helping professions, so it's a goal of hers to prepare you for the writing requirements of your profession--to make you the best possible version of yourself for the workplace.

She looks forward to working with you!