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Student Email

BYOA: Bring Your Own Address

E-mail is an official means of communication between the college and you. The college will use the personal e-mail address you provide and maintain in your E-services record.

Is your personal email address up to date?

Inver Hills, including the StarID system, will send all email communications to your personal email address. It is extremely important that the personal email address in your E-services record is up to date and working. 

To verify and update your email address:

  1. Log in to your E-Services account.                          
  2. Click on Account Management, then Demographic Info.                          
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your email address on record.
  4. To update your email address, enter the new address and click Submit.

Keep Your Address Working

It is your responsibility to ensure the address in your E-services record is accurate and working. The same address is copied into D2L so is the address most instructors will use too. An easy way to test that your address is working is to send yourself a message from within D2L. You should expect to receive at least one message each week from the college when classes are in session.

A good practice to check your e-mail account once each day during the work week. That is especially important if an instructor uses e-mail to communicate with students.

Add an email address to a safe sender list

You can allow mail from specific email addresses to safely come into your inbox without it being placed in your junk or spam folder by whitelisting email addresses within your email client or Internet security software and adding email addresses to a safe senders list.

Each email service has different steps in order to do this. Please click on the link How do I whitelist or add email addresses to my safe sender list in my security software or email client? and follow the instructions.

This is the list of the Inver Hills' Domain Names you would need to add to the whitelist or add to safe senders

Need an EDU email account to receive a discount with a vendor?

Here is your opportunity. Go to and login with your <YourStarID> and StarID password. Follow the directions to set up your email account. That is it! You now have the ability to use an EDU email account to make purchases with vendors.